Helping is a stupid thing!!


Small things in life is what really make the difference right!

I´m Santos, and I believe we can improve the prescense of charity on our daily live and with that; changing our staus quo, making a habit of charity.

Logority offers a way to do this, using charity logos or signs that represent dificulties at the world instead of commond (or not) logos for companies and with that, giving presence to that problem at the world.

That is what I´m trying to do with Logority, not only fundraising but "serveraising" as the future.

I just want to do more through what I believe is a great idea!

I do have one story to tell...

Put yourself on it...

We take Logority seriously...


Founder & CEO



A media, design and web site builder that put all its resources to support Logority


Donor / User

When you don´t really identify whom is the donor... You are doing things right.

To get involved...

Please ask, support, include your logo on the ones available to others or use one of our charity logos...